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Sam Gagner & Edmonton Streakers: "A deal is a deal...."

Editor's Note: Before clicking on the video after the jump, be warned that it's not safe for work or family consumption. If you are among a group of people who may find a man's buttocks offensive, you might want to wait until you're in a private place before continuing.

You may know longtime 'Sphere resident Travis Dakin from comments on various blogs and message boards or from blog posts like "To My BFF Ales Hemsky". Now you can know Travis on a more personal and intimate level.

Last night, immediately following Sam Gagner's 4th goal and 7th point, Dakin tweeted:

"If Gagner gets another point, I'm running naked down the street and posting the video on twitter."

One minute and forty six minutes seconds later, Gagner picked up his 4th assist and 8th point on Jordan Eberle's goal.

Never let it be said that Travis Dakin is not a man of his word. Shortly after 1 AM, Dakin tweeted:

"A deal is a deal...."

Dakin posted the video below.

That is now the second-most famous ass in Edmonton, after Peter Pocklington, of course.

If you're not already following him, follow Travis on Twitter @TravisDakin

In the race to win at Twitter, the rest of us are far behind Mr. Dakin.