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Oilersland Vol. 3, When Tambo Decided To Trade Hemsky

Editor's Note: Our favorite cartoonist Mike, he of Covered In Oil, returns today with the third installment of Oilersland. Tambo and Tencer went to the moves in Volume 2.


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Ales Hemsky has three games left as an Oiler, and I think Loxy said it best:

In just over a week, we’ll be saying happy trails to Hemsky.

He was a step off when he came back from injury and now he’s just a half-step behind. I imagine he’s about 8 days away from full go. Just in time for the trade deadline.

As an Oiler fan who put up with the last 10 years, I wish him well. I have no qualms with Horcoff or Smyth but Hemsky is the only magic left from ’06. And he is real magic.

I look forward to what he’ll do for another team in a playoff run.

I look forward to seeing what crap we’ll get in return.

But I wish they’d treat him like the best player of the Oilers of the last decade, because he was/is.

As for Klima, well...