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Olivier Roy's Hot Streak

Olivier Roy came in at #19 in our Top 25 Under 25, with dawgbone noting his improvement:

As with all prospects, you want to see improvement year after year. Olivier Roy, despite his blow-ups, has managed to keep improving his save percentage, including in a season where he moved up to a higher calibre league. His save percentage has made a slow but steady climb each season before making a big jump this year

The "big jump" at that time was to .919. Things are looking up just a bit.

On January 20th, the Stockton Thunder lost to the Las Vegas Wranglers by a score of 5-4. Roy gave up 5 goals on 31 shots and saw his season save percentage drop to .912.

Since then, Roy started eight games, winning four and losing four. In those eight games, Roy faced 306 shots on goal. He stopped 293 of them for a ridiculous .958 save percentage. During that streak, his season save percentage rose from .912 to .925, well above his previous career best, and good enough for 3rd overall in the ECHL.

His streak in numbers:

Saves Shots Sv Pct.
W Jan 22 48 50 0.960
L Jan 25 29 30 0.967
W Jan 28 29 30 0.967
W Feb 1 55 56 0.982
L Feb 4 35 36 0.972
L Feb 11 33 36 0.917
L Feb 15 29 31 0.935
W Feb 18 35 37 0.946

Total 293 306 0.958