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Reader Mailbag: Horcoff & Hemsky vs. Gagner & Eberle

Hey Derek,

You showed the recent trends with Gagner and Eberle getting the protection RNH and Eberle got before the injury. You didn't list results. What do the numbers look like? Are you avoiding them because they show Eberle and Gagner in a positive light?


Hi Rob,

I wasn't avoiding them for any reason, I just didn't think to post them. Working with the zonestarts linked above, here is the zonestart-adjusted Corsi/60 for the same six forwards:

Player Adj. Corsi/60
Ryan Smyth -12.61
Sam Gagner -14.39
Taylor Hall -15.53
Jordan Eberle -18.83
Shawn Horcoff -22.13
Ales Hemsky -26.65

Keep in mind that Horcoff and Hemsky have faced the toughs almost exclusively through this time period while Smyth has faced both the toughest and easiest comp depending on his linemates. Hall has also been up and down the comp list, while Gagner and Eberle have seen the easiest competition overall.

The Oilers certainly aren't winning because of defense - they've given up an average of 37.3 shots per game over the last eight - and thankfully pucks are going in for them right now.

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