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Driving Play: An Amazing Addition To The Copper & Blue

via <a href="">Wikimedia Commons</a>, Public domain.
via Wikimedia Commons, Public domain.

We're either really lucky or really good. Since inception, The Copper & Blue has managed to add an outstanding list of writers, Derek and Ben notwithstanding.

Recently, the opportunity to add four new writers to the staff presented itself and we jumped at the chance. These four weren't just any regular joes we picked up from the gutter along Whyte - these four were the brains behind the always-outstanding Driving Play - JaredL, Chase W, Triumph44 and Matt.

The fellows, a combination of Devils and Flyers fans, will contribute the outsider's view on the Oilers and the Northwest Division as well as bring league-wide analysis to the site on a regular basis. We're very excited to bring their work to our audience, and we're waiting with bated breath to hear their collective take on the Wild.

Please welcome them to the fold because if they're like most of our previous additions, they're about to move on to bigger and better things.

Follow Driving Play on Twitter @drivingplay

Follow the writers @jaredlunsford @chasew12 @triumph44