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Number That Should Interest Everyone: 1

2011-12 47 38
2010-11 47 36
2009-10 47 37

The Edmonton Oilers have improved by one win in the standings in two years.

Through all of the buster and blather, the fluster and dither, the Oilers are still flat-lining. The President has talked about restoring the franchise to it's former glory for six years. He's on his third rebuild The General Manager has talked about changing something for three years. He's overhauled the roster in his own image and he's on his second coach.

It doesn't matter if this is rebuild v 1.5, (rebuild by trading Pronger and Smyth) v 2.3 (rebuild by spending to the cap and remake the team in Steve Tambellini's image), or v. 3.2 (rebuild with first overall picks because the first two methodologies failed), one win isn't good enough. The Oilers need change, but not in the way of a new coach and another draft pick in exchange for Ales Hemsky. The Oilers need to clear out the front offices at Rexall Place and do so before the trade deadline.

That's the episode of Oil Change fans of this team deserve to see.