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Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers, Game 45 Breakdown

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Calgary Flames
@ Edmonton Oilers


Saturday, Jan 21, 2012, 8:00 PM MST
Rexall Place

Matchsticks and Gasoline

Embrace the Chase: The Race for 8th - Matchsticks and Gasoline
So you want to enjoy the rest of the year? Stop waiting for the rebuild and jump on board with the team in their hunt for what appears to be 8th place. You may not agree with it... hell, I'd say the saddlesphere is about 2/3 against it if you have a gander at our poll following the Michael Cammalleri acquisition. But, still - such is the wishes of our ownership, or management, or Ken King, or... well someone who makes the decisions.

The Flames and the Trade Deadline: It Doesn't Have To Be Bad News - Matchsticks and Gasoline
This is why, barring a massive losing streak to rival the nine-gamer of a few years back, you can expect the Flames to be considered "buyers" (though I loathe that term as well as "sellers" due to the connotations, but more on that later) despite what any outside observer would realize: the Flames aren't going to succeed in making the playoffs, and if they do, it'll be at best a 4-2 with the Flames enjoying the second round from their couches and resorts in Mexico.

G47 Flames at Oilers - Lowetide
The Oilers look beaten, tamed and humiliated. This period is an excellent test for Tom Renney and his coaching staff, getting a group of men who are outmanned ready for war cannot be an easy task.

What Do the Oilers Need To Do To Develop Like Detroit? - Cult of Hockey
Detroit’s model may not be one that the Oilers are looking to follow line-by-line, but the result is certainly what anyone could hope for: a team that consistently contends for the Stanley Cup.

Today's Delusional "Insider": OilersReport

Today's Frustrated Edmonton Fan: dheuman

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Edmonton Oilers Injuries


Player Injury Type Injury Date
Eric Belanger leg 01/20/2012
Taylor Hall other-excused 01/20/2012

Out (IR / Out / Suspended / Physically unvailable)

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Ryan Whitney ankle 12/23/2011
Tom Gilbert knee 01/03/2012
Cam Barker ankle 11/11/2011
Taylor Fedun femur 10/03/2011
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins shoulder 01/03/2012

Calgary Flames Injuries

Out (IR / Out / Suspended / Physically unvailable)

Player Injury Type Injury Date
Brett Carson back 10/05/2011
Brendan Morrison other-excused 01/07/2012
Curtis Glencross knee 01/18/2012
David Moss ankle 11/13/2011
Alex Tanguay other-excused 12/21/2011
Derek Smith ankle 12/30/2011
Henrik Karlsson knee 12/05/2011