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Oilers' Even Strength Scoring Chances By Situation

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When I last checked in on situational scoring chances, the Oilers were on top of the league, and in fact, hadn't trailed by two goals at any time in the first dozen games. It's time for another data dump, this time at the midpoint. All data compiled and published by Dennis King and

GD Total Even +1 +2 -1 -2
Chances For 436 155 71 46 80 40
Chances Against 506 160 103 41 79 63

We still don't have much data to work with in the up/down situations. The percentages are below:

GD Total Even +1 +2 -1 -2
Chances For 0.463 0.492 0.408 0.529 0.503 0.388

When the score is tied, this team has been able to play close to even up. In all other situations, their chance percentage is .448. With a lead the chance percentage is .448, when behind the chance percentage is .443.

Some how the Oilers are a 50% team at evens and a 44% team in all other situations. Strange.