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Mailbag: We're Wrong, The Rebuild Doesn't Go Deep Enough

I don't typically publish the hatemail I get because most of it is poorly written and not funny. This one however, struck me as worthy of notoriety and careful public scrutiny. Presented without comment, from Cam in Edmonton:

Zona all you ever do is chrip people on twitter. You think you are so smart but are an idiot. But I do agree with you that Tamby should be fired not for the reason you think he should be fired because he isn't going far enough in this redbuild. If the Oilers want to be the 2nd dynasty and be truely great they have to truely suck first. They need to finish last again and get at least another 1st OV. Tamby needs to get rid of all of this vets that suck and let the kids play. He needs to get more kids that want to be Oilers like RNH and Ebs. But he won't because of people like you.

I would replace him with someone ballsy enough to willing to trade Hemsky and Smyth to the Pens for their 1st OV and Joe Morrow. He is he prefect guy to spring Hallsy. I would trade Gagner and Gilbert to the SUCKS for Corey Schnieder and let him learn from bulin. I would waive Shawn Horcoff because he sucks. They can trade the 1st OV to Nashville for Shea Weber and still have a 1st. Then they have a PMD and tough guy for each pair. Morrow and Weber with Smid and Barker and Teubert and Peckham. Campbell will be ready next year. All they have to do is sign a sniper like Semin and then they can bring up the rest of the kids to play with RNH Ebs and Hallsy.