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A Relationship With The Edmonton Oilers Set To Music

As the Oilers fall towards another last-place finish, the fiery rage of the twice-beaten fanbase continues to grow. As I was listening to one of the songs on this list, it occurred to me that rooting for the Oilers is like getting into a new bad relationship every year. With that, I present the six stages of a relationship with the Oilers, set to music.

Stage 1: A burning passion for hockey and all-things Oilers.

Stage 2: An undying commitment to the team, watching them, reading about them,knowing everything about them.

Stage 3: The realization that you're still in love, but that love isn't necessarily being returned. This relationship might be bad for you.

Stage 4: It's over

Stage 5: You're not sure if it should be over. You still love the Oilers, and besides, they just hung nine goals on Chicago. But you know it's bad.

Stage 6: Reasoned resignation for a love that will never go away.