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Ducks Beat Oilers 5-0, Fans Hoping For Management Change, Not Another Episode Of "Oil Change"

I'm not sure how this man still has a job in the NHL. I know if I were an owner that wanted to win and the man who was in charge of making that happened failed as miserably as Tambellini has, I would fire him. While everyone argued against sending Taylor Hall back to Windsor or Ryan Nugent-Hopkins back to Red Deer because it would "poison the well", this man has created a perennial losing atmosphere.

This man insisted on a culture change and since doing so has fired a coach, a trainer, an assistant trainer, an equipment manager, a fitness trainer, a minor league coach, and a scout. And the team keeps losing.

This man is the mastermind behind a last-place cap team. He's the mastermind behind this year's defense. He's the mastermind behind Nikolai Khabibulin's contract. It's time to stop defending this man and send him back to his job as Assistant to the Traveling Secretary.

New York Islanders 41 15 20 6 36 72
Edmonton Oilers 43 16 23 4 36 69
Carolina Hurricanes 45 15 23 7 37 67
Anaheim Ducks 43 14 22 7 35 67
Columbus Blue Jackets 43 12 26 5 29 55

Oh yeah, the Oilers, a team purposefully built with no defense and not enough NHL players by this man, even though he didn't know that, played like crap and lost 5-0 to the 29th-place Ducks.