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Oilers Cut 12, Ryan Martindale Signed

The Oilers sent 12 players to Oklahoma City just in time for training camp.

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As per the Oilers' team website, 12 players were released from training camp today.

Philippe Cornet, Curtis Hamilton, Tanner House, Milan Kytnar, Ryan Lowery, Ryan Martindale, Tyler Pitlick, Alex Plante, Olivier Roy, Chris VandeVelde all head to Oklahoma City for training camp, while Martin Marincin was returned to Prince George in the WHL.  Camp invitee Kirill Tulupov is reporting to Oklahoma City, presumably as a Barons' camp invitee.

The only surprise in the group is that Ryan Martindale is reporting to Oklahoma City.  Ottawa sources mentioned off-handedly that he'd signed, but the Oilers didn't officially announce it anywhere.  Martindale becomes the 50th player under contract in Edmonton, though local sources dispute that and set the number at 49, and don't count Toni Rajala as part of the 50. More on Rajala's status and the cuts after the jump.

The CBA speaks to Rajala's status in section 13.12(i):

"A Club may Loan Players on its Reserve List to clubs of any league affiliated with the NHL. The names of the Players Loaned shall remain on the Reserve List of the Club. A Loan Agreement shall be executed in the form approved by the Governors and shall contain all the particulars thereof and shall be signed on behalf of both clubs. Such Loan Agreement shall be filed promptly in the office of the Commissioner."
Reserve List is defined in the definition section:
"'Reserve List' means the list of all Players to whom a Club has rights including all Unsigned Draft Choices, all Players signed to an SPC (whether or not currently playing in the NHL), and all Players who have signed an SPC but who have subsequently been returned to Juniors. A Club may have on its Reserve List, at any one time, not more than 90 Players, which shall include the following: (a) Not more than 50 Players signed to an SPC and not less than 24 Players and 3 goalkeepers under an SPC. Age 18 and age 19 Players who were returned to Juniors, and who have not played 11 NHL Games in one season, shall be exempt from inclusion in the 50 Player limit. Any Club violating this provision shall be liable to loss of draft choices as determined by the Commissioner. (b) Unsigned Draft Choices."
As mentioned above, the cuts weren't surprising, but a few of them were better than expected.

Showed Well

Tyler Pitlick - The most impressive of this group, Pitlick showcased speed and strength and was very creative offensively.  Could be expected to play right wing in Oklahoma City.

Olivier Roy - Put on a steady performance throughout camp and compared to last year's camp, he was a much different player.  He was calm in net and playing the puck wasn't an adventure.  With this performance, his option to Stockton isn't as assured as some thought it was.

Kirill Tulupov - He's big, mobile, mean and has a bit of chaos to him.  Even if he doesn't make the Barons (he may already have a roster spot locked up, considering the Oilers sent Marincin to the WHL), he'll long be remembered as the kid who concussed Ben Eager in the annual split squad charity game.

As Expected

Philippe Cornet - Cornet showed like a veteran in the rookie tournament, and played an energetic game in camp.

Curtis Hamilton - Lost in the shuffle a bit.  He got a couple of opportunities with skill players and didn't light the world on fire, but showed speed and forechecking tenacity.

Tanner House - Played a strong game, forechecked well, but didn't create much offense.

Milan Kytnar - He was injured in camp and didn't have much of a chance to prove himself.

Ryan Lowery - He brings a certain chaos to his game, sometimes very good, sometimes bad.  Could be a Ben Massey favorite.

Ryan Martindale - Had some nice moments in camp, but showed his warts.  He showed playmaking ability and some passing skill, but needs to work on his skating and keep his feet moving.

Chris VandeVelde - Played a physical game and will likely start the season as the Barons #2 center.


Martin Marincin - A quick glance at him on the ice shows how much skill and talent the man possesses, but lost his man multiple times and didn't have much zone awareness.  He's probably two or three years away.

Alex Plante - Doesn't seem as if he's progressed much in the last two years.  Has heavy feet and struggled with the speed of the game.