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Oilers vs. Flames Preseason: BOA2, Injuries Boogaloo

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"I'll be happy if the Oilers get through this one without suffering additional injuries."  And then Brendan Mikkelson happened.  After giving up a three-on-one, the Oilers raced forward into the Flames zone led by Sam Gagner and Ryan Jones.  Gagner broke in and fired a wrist shot on goaltender Leland Irving for a excellent scoring chance.  Jones crashed the net for the rebound.  Mikkelson knocked Gagner off-balance and leg-first into the dasher.  The Oilers need to sacrifice a chicken, or wear animal bone necklaces or something.  I know injuries happen, but when it comes to the Oilers and their various and bizarre ailments, I can't think of anything but Eddie Mush from Bronx Tale:

"Because you're a f*%~ing jinx, that's why!  Put him in the bathroom!  Get him out of here!  Get in there, you f*%~ing loser mutt!  Leave him in there!  A f*%~ing jinx!"

If the injuries keep coming, we might as well start debating Nail Yakupov vs. Ryan Murray vs. Mikhail Grigorenko right now.

Just stay healthy tonight, fellas.

More analysis after the jump...

Calgary Flames @ Edmonton Oilers 

The Saddledome, 6:00 p.m. MDT
Television: Sportsnet West

Expected Lineup:

Edmonton Oilers:

Paajarvi (91) - Horcoff (10) - Omark (23)
Hamilton (70) - Vandevelde (54) - Eberle (14)
Cornet (51)  - O'Marra (42) - Hartikainen (56)
Petrell (37) - Brule (67) - Hordichuk (16)

Smid (5) - Potter (44)
Barker (13) - Plante (48) 
Peckham (24) - Fedun (81)

Roy (30)
Dubnyk (40)

Potpurri for $1000, Alex:

  • Colten Teubert returned to the ice after suffering a concussion in his YoungStars fight.  He was wearing the no-contact jersey.  It's a good sign and I hope Teubert's learned a lesson.
  • Ryan Smyth sits this one out to give Cornet and Hamilton one last look before they head to Oklahoma City.  Cornet gets some familiar linemates for this one, so it could be a decent showing for him.  Hamilton's line is a bit of a mish-mash, but with Eberle on the ice, there is a modicum of skill.
  • Teemu Hartikainen is back out there on the right side again.  He's shown better than nearly everyone in camp is getting every opportunity to stick.  His switch to the right side has been seamless.  Last night he earned the first star from the Edmonton media, yet he didn't register a point.  He's lodged in the top 9.
  • If you thought the Oilers' defense was a bit disorganized before, wait until you get a load of this.  Laco Smid and Corey Potter make up the top pairing with Cam Barker and Alex Plante on what might be the slowest pairing in the league.  The coaching staff seems to have learned their lesson with Theo Peckham - he's again paired with a guy who can skate and move the puck in Taylor Fedun.  Everyone is on their natural side again.