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Jeff Petry - Your September Wallpaper

<a href="" target="new">Photo by Candace Riley</a> © 2011
Photo by Candace Riley © 2011

Training camp is just around the corner and one of the kids who will be battling for a spot with the big club is Jeff Petry.  He's got Whitney, Gilbert, Peckham, Smid, Barker, and Sutton in front of him and Taylor Chorney is waiver eligible.  We all know how Edmonton treats waiver-eligible players.

Petry is worth keeping a close eye on in September and for that reason he's our September wallpaper.  The photo was taken by the unassailable Candace Riley, an enormous Oklahoma City Barons fan who takes enough pictures to send John McEnroe to the asylum.  Candace writes about the Barons the OKC Barons Hockey Blog.

You can find the high resolution version of the wallpaper here. You can also peruse Candace's impressive collection of photos and buy prints of her best work at SmugMug. I need more walls for all of the Hartikainen prints I'd like to buy.

Our poster boy landed at number six in our Top 25 Under 25, and outside of 2011 draft pick Oscar Klefbom, Petry is the defender with the best chance of becoming a regular in the Oilers' top four.  

When we discussed goal music last season, one of our intrepid readers suggested "Peaches" by the Presidents Of The United States of America as Petry's song, clearly an homage to Jeff's father Dan, who carried the "Peaches" nickname with him throughout his career.  Though the entendre is thick and possibly out of place for a goal celebration, it does make for a wholly unique goal celebration song.  With that, we present, "Peaches":

Interested in having your picture or original artwork featured as our wallpaper of the month? Let us know.