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News And Notes From Around the NHL, 8-31-11

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I'm not a big fan of daily link dumps as a way to fill space on a site.  I know they're popular, but Scott and I have thus far resisted the temptation to dive in.  Lisa brings us our Weekend Update which gets rave reviews, especially from our foreign contingent, but that's generally it, outside of the "Required Reading" sidebar on the front page and an occasional FanShot or two.

However, there are a number of writers who don't appear in the required reading that are doing great work, and interesting topics pop up on a continual basis.  In order to bring you that content and give The Copper & Blue community a chance to discuss it, I bring you the irregular, unplanned link dump.  You'll find those interesting topics after the jump.

The Tragedy of Daniel Ryder - Matchsticks and Gasoline
He was "...a stud player who just crashed and burned."

NHL Relocation To Hawaii: Examining The Possibility Of The Honolulu Islanders -
A recent study said that Honolulu, Hawaii would be an option for NHL relocation. Is the idea crazy enough to work?

Cannonfest 2011 - Speechless - The Cannon
Sign of the changing landscape in sports media: "First off, a hearty thank you to the Blue Jackets organization, as Todd Sharrock, Larry Hoepfner, and Ryan Holtmann all took time out of their weekend to attend - and to have an informal sit down with a big chunk of the blogging community to ask what they can do to help the fans as we write, tweet, video, and promote the team."

World Junior Club Cup Begins in Omsk - Puck Worlds
A multinational Junior Club Tournament kicks off:  "What started as a behind the scenes discussion at last summer's World Hockey Summit is now a somewhat modified reality: junior clubs from eight different countries will be competing this week in Omsk, Russia for this trophy."

Expectations and measuring progress -
Tyler finds an oddity in Steve Tambellini's comments, namely that Cam Barker is going to play toughs:  "For the Oilers to be talking about him [Barker] not as a project but as someone who they expect to play a key role in the defence is sort of startling."  Please help us.

A cool item of hockey memorabilia - Edmonton Journal, Bruce McCurdy
Hockey's foremost historian goes digging in his closet and invite to a Canada Cup dinner?

Coming Down the Pipe!: A Few Match Ups We'd Like to See
Dean Millard asks for Interleague play at the amateur level.

Pegula's not backing off his stated goal for Sabres - The Buffalo News
If Edmonton wants some defensive help, they should call Darcy Regier morning, noon and night.

Kings jerseys - Jewels From The Crown
Quisp finds an alternate for Kings sweaters and I heartily approve. There is not enough yellow in sweaters in the NHL.

European NHL players that won the Stanley Cup - Sporcle
Can you name the European NHL players that won the Stanley Cup? Mike Milbury hates this post.  I named 71 of 98, but I completely fell apart on the Czechs.

Identity Crisis - Anaheim Calling
Please fire him. Please. "...I'm not entirely sure the Ducks have the right coach to capitalize on these assets..."

Utilizing the Defenseman’s "Off" Hand: A Discussion of Theory and an Empirical Review - The Sport Journal Need more hockey science? Check out "Utilizing the Defenseman’s "Off" Hand: A Discussion of Theory and an Empirical Review"