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Magnus Pääjärvi's Scoring Rates

<i>Photo by: Lisa McRitchie, all rights reserved.</i>
Photo by: Lisa McRitchie, all rights reserved.

There's no doubt Magnus Pääjärvi is keeping lofty company, but just how closely he's tracking to those comps is worth a second look.  I'm especially interested in the Sedin brothers' numbers, both on the power play and at even strength.

The venerable and terrifying Gabriel Desjardins likes to report information in units per 60 minutes of time on ice, so we'll follow his example.  Laid against the Sedins' numbers, Pääjärvi's scoring rates at even strength and on the power play look very good.

ESP/60 PPP/60
Daniel Sedin 1.54 4.40
Magnus Pääjärvi
1.39 3.67
Henrik Sedin 1.34 2.62


The raw data is below:

D. Sedin
TOI:  974:37

ESTOI:  777:06
ESP:  10-10-20

PPTOI:  191:06
PPP:  10-4-14

TOI:  1231:05

ESTOI:  1081:40
ESP:  12-13-25

PPTOI:  147:18
PPP:  3-6-9

H. Sedin
TOI:  1108:52

ESTOI:  897:39
ESP:  7-13-20

PPTOI:  205:54
PPP:  2-7-9

Now consider that the Sedins played for a Canucks team that scored 239 goals (174 at even strength), and Paajarvi's Oilers scored 191 goals (132 at even strength) and Paajarvi's numbers look all the more impressive.