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Our Take On The Ryan Smyth Trade Controversy

One of these men is headed to Los Angeles as a substitute for Colin Fraser.
One of these men is headed to Los Angeles as a substitute for Colin Fraser.

Steve Tambellini tried to trade Gilbert Brule away for Ryan Smyth so that the Kings could buyout Brule's contract, but was shut down by league lawyers.  Then he actually did trade Colin Fraser to the Kings in exchange for Smyth, and all was well until Dean Lombardi revealed the extent of Colin Fraser's foot condition, believed now to be necrotising fasciitis or something like that.

If you'd like to read all about what went on and what's going on in the Smyth deal, check out the excellent reporting done by Rich Hammond, the op-eds from David Staples, or Lisa's analysis on the conflict now known as Mulletgate.

As for The Copper & Blue, we'll leave divining the levels of corruption in the hearts of men to others.  We'd rather have some fun.

Top 5 people Dean Lombardi would rather do business with:

Bernie Madoff
Gordon Gekko
Nicholas Yvon Bonamy
Charles Ponzi
Kevin Lowe


The next 5 players Steve Tambellini will attempt to substitute in the Ryan Smyth trade:

Gilbert Brule
Peter Puck
Bernie Lomax
Gunner Stahl
Daryl Katz' Son


The top 5 punishments Bettman is likely to serve to the Edmonton Oilers:

Reversal of the Dustin Penner trade
Force Steve Tambellini to eat all of the leftover pancakes from Kevin Lowe's fundraisers
Relocation of the Edmonton Oilers to Quebec
Reversal of the Wayne Gretzky trade
Award a lifetime Oilers' service contract to Nikolai Khabibulin


Now taking suggestions and improvements to our lists in the comments.