Jets Merchandise Flies Off Shelves


Photo by Bruce Bennett via Getty Images

Ah Winnipeg. Oilers fans are happy to have the Jets back in place. Surely the return of the Jets means the return of the Stanley Cup to Edmonton. Maybe? If nothing else, it's another city that can be a rival to Edmonton; another city that can be deemed a worse destination than Edmonton depending on which day of the week or who you are talking to.

Of course it is more than just Oilers fans excited for the return of the Jets, Jets fans are beside themselves with pride and price seems to be no object when it comes to snapping up the new logo. I'm not sure about you, but I have been seeing the old Jets jerseys everywhere this summer. At every concert, event and even grocery store I have gone to in Calgary so far this summer there has been at least one person in a Jets jersey or hat. Always the old logo however, not the new one.

The reson I haven't seen the new logo yet may be because the demand is definitely higher than supply at this point. This past Saturday the MTS Centre sold all 1,900 hats they had brought in, and some have already appeared on ebay, selling for sometimes twice as much as the original price and in some cases three times. By the end of the day, the store had been nearly cleared out of their $200,000 worth of stock.

I for one hope that this excitement never goes away. 

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