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Martin Marincin - #11 In the Oilers Top 25 Under 25

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"Wicked shot, good passer, really nice offensive instincts.  He's not afraid of contact, and wins puck battles consistently.  Enormous wingspan and uses it in both zones, especially adept at holding the puck in.  He needs to add 25 pounds to play at the next level.  Isn't a true physical force, and doesn't tend to initiate contact, but will bump along the walls.  Big feet sometimes get in the way of his stride, needs to grow his movements into his body.  Needs to be more consistent in his own end, gets lost away from the net on defense.  Doesn't always have his head on a swivel in his own end."

--A WHL Scout's April take on Martin Marincin

At 6'4" ~190 lbs, with a goal-scorer's shot and decent skating ability, Martin Marincin has a chance to be an impact defender in the NHL.  He's raw, gangly and awkward at times so he's not, by any means, a sure thing yet, but he's got a variety of skills that make him one of the most intriguing prospects in the organization.

Rank Player DOB Drafted Year Ben
Jaysen Jon Scott
11 Martin Marincin
46 2010
15 10 12 10 8 15


Previous Rank: 8

After an enormous 11 spot leap in our winter Top 25 Under 25, Martin Marincin falls 3 places to #11 overall.  The reason for Marincin's yo-yo up and down the rankings?  Bruce McCurdy.  When Bruce moved Marincin up 15 spots (to #5 overall) over the winter and Jonathan moved him up 16, the two of them accounted for the majority of his 11 spot jump.  This time around Bruce saw fit to drop the young defender five spots (to #10 overall), while Scott dropped him 3 places to #15.

Marincin isn't a shutdown defender or big hitter, though his hit on Jason Zucker at the World Junior Championships shows he's got a bit of a dirty side to his game:

It's his game with the puck that will propel him to the NHL.  Marincin's offensive numbers in his 18-year-old season compare extremely well to other WHL defenders taken in the 2nd round over the last five years:

GP G A P P/G % Off
Jonathon Blum 64 18 45 63 0.984 25.40%
Martin Marincin 67 14 42 56 0.836 22.05%
Alex Petrovic 69 7 50 57 0.826 21.51%
Ty Wishart 62 11 38 49 0.790 22.27%
Tyler Myers 58 9 33 42 0.724 15.85%
Thomas Hickey 63 11 34 45 0.714 18.83%
Travis Hamonic 57 13 27 40 0.702 20.41%
Colby Robak 65 13 29 42 0.646 14.48%
Mark Pysyk 63 6 34 40 0.635 16.19%
Colten Teubert 60 12 25 37 0.617 16.37%
Karl Alzner 60 7 29 36 0.600 14.06%
Brandon Davidson 59 1 33 34 0.576 14.11%
Jared Cowen 59 8 22 30 0.508 12.55%
Dylan McIlrath 62 5 18 23 0.371 9.62%
Taylor Ellington 48 3 11 14 0.292 6.97%
Alex Plante 36 1 1 2 0.056 0.78%


He's second to only Jonathon Blum in points per game and third to Blum and Ty Wishart in % of team offense.  Marincin started the season on fire, and through November, his NHLE was 27, in the range of a number of forwards in the Oilers' system.  But after that, his game began to fall off.  The table below shows his incremental month-end NHLE as the season progressed:

October 27
November 27
December 25
January 23
February 21
March 20


Perhaps it was the schedule and tougher physical competition that did him in.  Marincin played 67 games for Prince George and another 2 games for Slovakia before being suspended at the World Juniors.  He also had the travel and preparation for the WJC in addition to his normal regimen.  Compare that to his 17-year old season when he played only 35 games for HK Orange in the Slovak Extraliga and another 12 games internationally and the possibility that workload was a factor becomes evident.  A year of experience in the WHL combined with strength and conditioning training should help Marincin deal with the workload in the coming season.

Marincin possesses enormous size and talent.  His skating could use some work, but he's a high-level player who, like most defensemen, needs some time to develop.  If he continues to show the offensive acumen demonstrated in Prince George, he'll be a surefire NHL player.