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Weekend Update: Swedish News

Linus Omark, a frank interview in North America or Sweden. Photo by <a href="">Rob Ferguson</a> all rights reserved
Linus Omark, a frank interview in North America or Sweden. Photo by Rob Ferguson all rights reserved

Well folks, we knew it was coming; the dog days of summer are upon us. This week there were a couple of Oilers related stories but overall it seems as though some people are now able to take their summer vacations.

Linus Omark gave an honest and open interview with a Swedish paper earlier this week. Thanks to Norwegian reader  Yngve Elverhøi we were able to read what Omark had to say. At first I must admit that I took Omark's comments to believe that he has thoughts that he may be traded. In some ways I do believe that he does think about that, but I think you would be hard pressed to find a player who doesn't have similar thoughts, even once in a while. Still, it is refreshing to see such a canndid interview. I hope that we will continue to see the same going forward from our other Swedes.

Speaking of other Swedes, Anton Lander will be honoured by his Swedish Elite teamTimrå in a farewell game on July 30th. The game will also feature Oiler Magnus Paajarvi and is just further evidence that Lander is much loved by his country men and fans in Sweden. 

The Edmonton arena saga continues, but with Northlands receiving City Council approval to replace 8,000 seats. Some including Jason Gregor believe that this may just be a step towards making Rexall place a smaller arena for smaller shows. Calgary has the Saddledome and also the Stampede Corral. The Corral is a much smaller arena, so offers the advantage of arena seating at smaller concerts, but to the casual observer in Calgary, this arena doesn't see much use and it is hard to believe that this building can be self sustaining or even make a profit. Edmonton is a completely different city in that regard however, Edmonton is well known for its many concerts, festivals and events. There is no new news otherwise for the arena just yet, just some behind the scenes discussion. 

Going back to some Oklahoma City Barons news, the local reporter covering the team, Ryan Aber has been movedand will no longer be covering the team. It is speculated that there may not be someone covering the team moving forward, but there is time before the start of the next season. It will be extremely disappointing if there is no longer local coverage through the major newspaper. I myself turn to The Daily Oklahoman's online edition for daily baron news. 

Ex-Oiler Andrew Cogliano inked a three year deal with the Anaheim Ducks. Despite popular opinion, I believe that this was a good deal for both parties. Clearly the Ducks are high on Andrew Cogliano's performance through his time with the Oilers and believe as I do that he can realistically compete for the second line centre position, even if that is in a matter of time. In the mean time, this deal likely widens the divide between Oilers fans and their opinions on Cogliano. Not every fan can like every player. 

True North has unveiled the new Winnipeg Jets Logos, and I think they look very nice. They are a slight change from the logo that last saw NHL action in 1994. Of course the logo had to have a jet. I appreciate the Maple Leaf incorporated in the logo. If I have the freedom to say what I first saw when I saw it, I figured that was a True North cut at Bettman and the NHL for moving the team from Canada. I have little doubt that this jersey will sell well and soon. 


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Theo Peckham - #14 in the Oilers Top 25 Under 25 - Copper & Blue Massey


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