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Your Top 25 Under 25 Edmonton Oilers' Prospects

You just watched a typical response to our Top 25 Under 25 rankings. I kid. The response, at least in the comments, has typically been one of cordial disagreement and intelligent debate and most of that has been centered around Tyler Bunz. I don't know if that will continue as we march towards #1, but I'm inclined to believe it will.

There are those who have sniped on e-mail, Twitter and various other isolated forums, but they've been in the minority. However, for those of you who disagree, here is your chance to set us straight. Give us your Top 25 Under 25, with or without explanation, and we'll compile the results and compare them to our rankings after we reveal our #1 overall prospect on August 4th.

This is our second go-round in reader's rankings. We polled the masses for their draft rankings, and compared the wisdom of the crowds to the wisdom of our panel.