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Andrew Cogliano Or Ryan Jones?


I'm bemused by the response to the Andrew Cogliano trade. Judging by the comments here, at Lowetide's joint and on Twitter, Oilers' fans are significantly divided on this trade. Steve Tambellini has been lauded and criticized as has Cogliano himself. Ben's hilarious "Great trade! What'd we get?" led off, but the more serious arguments revolved around the return, the fourth line, the center "logjam", faceoffs, Sam Gagner, the penalty kill, and Ryan Jones vs. Andrew Cogliano on the wing.

The latter is the argument that's intrigued me the most. Essentially the pro-trade people have said something to the effect of "Ryan Jones is a better player than Cogliano, therefore even if Cogliano moved to the wing, he would still have no place on this team."

I plan on writing more about this trade, it's meaning and the ramifications over the weekend, so I'm not going to make an argument for either player, I'm just interested in the results of the poll below: