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Recapping The Oilers Season Recaps

It may have been a reach to read through 78 stories about a two time 30th place team, so here they are again.
It may have been a reach to read through 78 stories about a two time 30th place team, so here they are again.

Just a little under two months ago the NHL playoffs kicked off. It was an exciting time with the fans of 16 teams dreaming of their team hoisting the Stanley Cup in a couple months time. With the Oilers long since eliminated from the playoffs those of us here at the Copper and Blue decided that rather than just watching the playoffs and having a good time we'd much rather keep the wounds of the 2010/11 season wide open and provide all or readers a three part review of every player.

Because there is only so much we can do alone this project was was a joint effort between the writers of the Copper and Blue and Bruce McCurdy from the Cult of Hockey. Derek introduced each player with a breakdown of their cumulative scoring chances courtesy of Dennis King's work at Bruce followed with more analysis of the scoring chances and a look at the advanced stats at the Cult of Hockey, and finally Scott and I closed out each player with an overview and a look ahead for each player.

For those of you with masochist tendencies like us who enjoy recapping a second straight 30th place season I would like to personally thank you for reading and contributing your many comments. For those of you who missed a story or two while having a life that doesn't revolve around the Oilers what follows are links to all 78 stories - just imagine how many stories we'd write if this team was any good.

Jim VandermeerScoring ChancesRear View MirrorHe is Who We Thought He Was

Taylor HallScoring ChancesRear View MirrorSimply Outstanding

Ladislav SmidScoring ChancesRear View MirrorJust Keeps On Keeping On

Ryan WhitneyScoring ChancesRear View MirrorOffensive Defenceman

Shawn HorcoffScoring ChancesRear View MirrorLike The Oilers, Horcoff Could Only Go Up

Andrew CoglianoScoring ChancesRear View MirrorStuck In The Middle

Jordan EberleScoring ChancesRear View MirrorGreat Expectations

Colin FraserScoring ChancesRear View MirrorLow Event

J.F. JacquesScoring ChancesRear View MirrorEight Is Enough

Linus OmarkScoring ChancesRear View MirrorPower Play Specialist

Kurtis FosterScoring ChancesRear View MirrorNot As Advertised

Dustin PennerScoring ChancesRear View MirrorFat, Slow, and Lazy

Ryan JonesScoring ChancesRear View MirrorWhen Effort and Luck Collide

Steve MacIntyreScoring ChancesRear View MirrorPaid To Hurt People

Nikolai KhabibulinScoring ChancesRear View MirrorSomehow Still The Number 1

Devan DubnykScoring ChancesRear View MirrorThe People's Choice

Jason StrudwickScoring ChancesRear View MirrorThe Oilers Seventh Defenceman

Zack StortiniScoring ChancesRear View MirrorWhat's Done Is Done

Theo PeckhamScoring ChancesRear View MirrorA Lot More Bash Than Flash

Jeff PetryScoring ChancesRear View MirrorTaking Advantage

Gilbert BruleScoring ChancesRear View MirrorWhat A Difference A Year Makes

Liam ReddoxScoring ChancesRear View MirrorHe Will Be Missed

Tom GilbertScoring ChancesRear View MirrorUnappreciated By Some, Recognized As Awesome By Others

Ales HemskyScoring ChancesRear View MirrorDehumanized and Commodified

Sam GagnerScoring Chances, Rear View Mirror*, Just Give It Time

Magnus PaajarviScoring Chances, Rear View Mirror*, Yet Another Sign of Hope

Contained in those stories are a lot of predictions for what lies ahead for the Oilers. Feel free to let us know when we're right; when we're wrong I'll break the links.

*Bruce has yet to post these stories, when he does I'll include links