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Winnipeg Season Seats Sell Out in Mere Minutes

Seventeen minutes. That's it, that's all. That's as long as it took for the Winnipeg franchise to sell the remaining thirteen thousand season tickets. The waiting list of eight thousand tickets is also full to capacity. I wonder how many of you were surprised to hear that, I certainly wasn't. True North has gone out of their way to make sure that tickets are family friendly and affordable, which would have been a strong selling point. The NHL has been missed in Winnipeg for the past 15 years, and a whole new generation of hockey fans are ready to experience the highs and lows of loving their home team.

The questions and doubts about the long term sustainability of the team begin now. Most arguments hinge around the economy of Winnipeg and there is some sense in that. However, in the broader sense, the viability of the Winnipeg team is dependent upon a strong Canadian dollar, and the same can be said of other Canadian teams. When the Jets left Winnipeg, the Oilers and the Flames were in trouble as well. It was sense of community that kept the Oilers in town, and a lack of leadership in Winnipeg that saw the Jets leave.

The Winnipeg team now has by far the wealthiest owner in the league, media mogul David Thompson. Even if he has made it known that he is not looking to make losses on the team, or that he is only willing to accept a small amount of loss, he is none the less a successful business man and will with any luck be able to help keep the team afloat during times of uncertainty, the way the Oilers should get help from their owner, Daryl Katz.

As much as many people want to worry about the Winnipeg team leaving again, and already might I add, I wish that hockey fans could enjoy the idea of the new team and lose themselves in the happiness or in the moment. It's up to each person how they wish to look at the situation though. As much as we know what the team will not be, all that seems left to be said on this subject is of course, GO JETS!