Number That May Interest Only Me: Nugent-Hopkins Weight


The fear amongst many Oilers fans about Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is his weight. Why? Because at the end of the regular season Hopkins was listed as 6' and 164 pounds, at the NHL combine Hopkins was listed at 177 and that is only a few short months. Although Hopkins just looked like a skinny teenager when I spoke with him in March, it was clear that he had a good frame and from his comments on his brother and father there was a lot of hope that Hopkins will just continue to grow and bulk up.

When discussing Nugent-Hopkins with a group of friends, one being an amateur scout, my scout friend said "You guys seem to worry too much about things that matter very little especially in the WHL. I can tell you that 17 year old players do not dominate in the WHL. There are very few of them that come along and put up the kinds of numbers Nugent-Hopkins did. That last one was Schenn and he had help with guys like Glennie and Calvert. " That is just one person's opinion, but since this is not a vote for first overall pick, we may as well try to see the plusses to any potential pick.

EDIT: My number came from the Oilers' website, which has been updated to 172lbs. Still, this is an eight pound increase in a short amount of time. Eight pounds of muscle is still a difficult feat.

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