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2011 Edmonton Oilers Draft Recap

Photo by: Lisa McRitchie, all rights reserved
Photo by: Lisa McRitchie, all rights reserved

Boy the way Glen Miller played
Songs that made the hit parade.
Guys like us we had it made,
Those were the days.

It was supposed to be Ryan's weekend, but Steve Tamebellini made the 2011 NHL draft more about Ryan Smyth and relatives of current and former Edmonton Oilers employees.  Tambellini spent the weekend fencing with Kings' General Manager Dean Lombardi over Ryan Smyth, a draft choice, Gilbert Brule and his still unnamed condition while the scouting staff was recommending everyone's next of kin.  Edmonton took the son of their current European scout Frank Musil and the son of their former power play-ish coach Craig Simpson.  The Hurricanes slid in to steal the son of their current General Manager/President of Hockey Operations, Kevin Lowe.

Round 1

#1  Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

CSB:  #1 N.A.
TSR:  #1

Nugent-Hopkins has astute vision and is a premier powerplay talent. He easily led the WHL in powerplay assists with his vision and ability to make tape-to-tape saucer passes through traffic. Nugent-Hopkins is very good at maintaining possession of the puck and his passes rarely result into turnovers.

Kirk Luedeke:

Elite stickhandler; can make any play at top speed or in traffic when there isn't much time or space. Soft touch on the puck for on-target passes. Can thread the needle through a maze of skates and sticks to hit the open man. Lightning release with a bullet shot that is accurate. Will pick corners at will. Hides his release point well and confounds goalies with his ability to get the puck on net from just about anywhere. Off-the-charts hockey sense- puck follows him around the ice. Always in the middle of the action and makes quick cuts to open up room for his linemates. The most creative player in the draft and a deadly scorer with the man advantage. Makes everyone around him better.


#19  Oscar Klefbom

CSB:  #6 Int.
TSR:  #19
KL:  #14

Kirk Luedeke:
Excellent size and athleticism; will play at 215-220 pounds when he reaches his physical maturity. Very good skater with quick burst, speed and smooth lateral movement and footwork. Powerful leg drive; has a long stride and is strong on his skates. Aggressive, dynamic puck rusher loves to take the puck up ice. Heavy booming slap shot with good release. Effective in puck distribution, especially when on the power play, but a better triggerman because of his big blast. Also possesses a hard wrister that he uses effectively. Loves to shoot the puck from just about anywhere on the ice. Good bodychecker; likes to go for the big hit and plays with gusto along the walls, taking every chance he can to initiate contact.

The Scouting Report:
Klefbom is an impressive athlete who has a strong package of skills that should allow him to be a physical presence at the NHL level. The Swede is a very mobile player who has a nice technical stride and has the strength to fight through checks with his combination of speed and power. With the puck, Klefbom has a calming presence on the ice and makes good decisions with the puck. Is a capable puck mover when he has the opportunity but also knows when to use the glass or the boards to clear the puck out.


Round 2

#31  David Musil


TSR:  #33
CSB:  #38 N.A.
KL:  #38

The Scouting Report:

Musil plays in all situations for the Giants and he is able to chip in a little offense but won’t likely be expected to provide that offense at the NHL level. With his dad and uncle combining to play well over 2000 NHL games and his mom being a former pro tennis player, David has some good athletic genes. Like his dad, Musil is a steady defender having very good size and strength, while being good at taking care of his own end. While Musil may be one of the best defensive defensemen available in the draft this year, he needs to work on improving his quickness. His slow acceleration and top end speed make him vulnerable during puck retrieval plays, as well as his ability to contain the fastest players in the league.

Kirk Luedeke:

His skating is average- not poor or exceptional either way and he does have good gap control and active stick. He can play a physical game (when he wants to) and has a nice frame to fill out which will make him more effective in that regard. His shot has power, but is lacking in a good release and accuracy. He telegraphs it and has an excessive windup that allows for defenses to get into the shooting lanes or disrupt his delivery. Another aspect of Musil's game we have heard troubling things about is with the intensity and desire- some NHL evaluators have said that he is the product of hockey coming very easy to him early on and the natural physical advantage he enjoyed at a younger age. Now, his peers are catching up to him and surpassing him, and he's not consistently bringing the kind of intensity you want.

Round 3

#62  Samu Perhonen

CSB:  #1 Int.

Kirk Luedeke:

Perhonen still has the size and athletic ability/upside to be a high-end stopper in the NHL one day. If he slides, that could be great news for the team that grabs him.

#74  Travis Ewanyk

CSB:  #66 N.A.
TSR:  #67

The Scouting Report:

Ewanyk is a good skater and has the intelligence and grit needed to play against top offensive players. While his offensive upside may be a lower than many top picks, Ewanyk’s play without the puck will have him in consideration to be a higher pick than his modest numbers (27 points in 72 games) would suggest.

Kirk Luedeke:

Not all that fast, but skates hard and closes quickly because his motor is always revving on high. A big hitter who embraces physical contact. His skill level and production wasn't anything to write home about, but when he fills out his 6-1, 184-pound frame, he's going to be an even bigger freight train running guys over on his way to the net.

Round 4

#92 Dillon Simpson

CSB:  #157 N.A.
TSR:  #87


The Scouting Report:

He has some decent ability and is a fairly smart defenseman but will need to really improve his skating if he wants to be a legitimate NHL prospect. He will have some time to develop over the next few years and should be well worth a 3rd round pick to see if he can improve on those deficiencies.

Kirk Luedeke:

He's a work in progress who has some soft hands and hockey sense, but isn't a great skater. He's slow out of the blocks and needs to work on his stride to get the most out of his movement.

#114  Tobias Rieder

CSB:  #73 N.A.
TSR:  #78

The Scouting Report:

He’s a little undersized but he definitely competes hard for his size and wears his heart on his sleeve on the ice. Didn’t have a great showing during the World Juniors but by the 3rd or 4th round, he’ll be a decent prospect to see if he can continue to develop his offensive game over the next couple of seasons.

Kirk Luedeke:

Lack of size is the big knock on Rieder, because his skating and skills are first-rate. Has a quick initial burst and can weave in and out of traffic. Plays with some energy and can handle the puck well at top speed. Special hands. Capable of bringing fans out of the seats-- scored a highlight reel goal against Finland, using the combination of his speed and a complex deke to rock the HSBC Arena. Sees the ice pretty well and has the offensive hockey IQ to make plays. Not very strong and has trouble when the hitting picks up. Isn't afraid to get hit, but tends to stay on the outside rather than fight his way to the net. Better than expected defensively, but his lack of size will be a challenge for him at the next level. Character guy; very well-spoken and poised-- bigger things could be in store, especially if he pays attention to Steve Spott's program in Kitchener and does what the coaches instruct.

Round 5

#122 Martin Gernat
CSB:  #106 Int.

Kirk Luedeke:

...has excellent size (6-5) and good mobility for such a big kid. He's fluid in his movements and still a little gangly, but had a couple of memorable plays where he jumped in from the point to get a good shot off, but was denied by Gibson. He was burned on a couple of missed coverages, but overall, was one of Slovakia's better players in a thrashing.

Round 7

#182 Frans Tuohimaa
CSB:  #6 Int.