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Why Does Raffi Torres Hate Us?

Most Oilers fans liked Torres as an Oiler, at least through the the 2006 Stanley Cup run, I mean, why wouldn't you? He was a part of a team that looked to make history and he even scored the series winning goal against the Anaheim Ducks. Afterwards, the lustre was gone, and Torres lost a lot of his appeal. Most fans were anticipating and ready for a trade when it happened, and local boy Gilbert Brule seemed to be an excellent return on the trade.

Torres played two seasons with the Columbus Blue Jackets, was traded to the Buffalo Sabres for one season and then signed with the Vanncouver Canucks as an UFA. Torres seemed to have become one of the NHL nomads, looking for a home and a team where he would fit in and could stay.

The unimaginable for Oilers fans seems to have happened this season. Raffi Torres, ex-Oiler turned into Oiler killer. There are a lot of ex-Oilers in the NHL, but up until this season, none of them had scored a hat-trick against their old team, the Oilers. Torres was the first. I'm sure there were some choice words emanating from your living rooms, bars or pubs. Of all of the players who moved on, why Torres?

Last night, Torres struck another blow to Oilers hearts, minds and spirits. How is it possible that Torres scored the lone goal in the opening game of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals? How is it that Torres was able to make Twitter, Facebook and living rooms explode with words you don't want to say around your grandmother.

I know that there are a number of you that don't have a problem with Torres, I'm sure there are even a few of you that are cheering for the gingy winger along with the rest of the Canucks. To you, I say how could you? I just wanted to do a quick pulse check, were you happy for Torres last night, or did you scream?