Quote That May Interest Only Me, Doug MacLean

" "Until they fix the whole operation from top to bottom, they've got no chance of having any success, and I've followed it as closely as anybody the last fifteen years; (the Panthers are) a joke." "

--Doug MacLean, yet again demonstrating his astonishing lack of self-awareness on The Fan 590.

I've previously written about MacLean's performance as President and General Manager of the Blue Jackets in an article about their attendance problems:

Obviously Doug MacLean had a significant impact on this franchise. He wasted seven top ten picks in a row and couldn't make the playoffs. He significantly hindered the development curve on a number of prospects and his performance drove attendance south. It's baffling that he's currently employed as a hockey expert for a major media organization.

Think about this for a second. The Edmonton Oilers will make their third top ten pick in a row in June and add either Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Adam Larsson to Taylor Hall and Magnus Paajarvi. Doug MacLean had seven of those types of picks in a row and used them, plus a number of baffling free agent moves, to ruin a franchise, laying waste to what might have been a great hockey market.

Yet he still presses on as some sort of expert in his media work. He constantly appeals to his own authority and blathers on about his time at the helm in Columbus, never mentioning his results. Now, in a fit of hubris, amnesia, some sort of stroke-related event, or a combination of all three, he attacks yet another organization for their inept management, apparently unaware of his position at the top of that mountain.

How does this man get paid for his work?