Number That May Interest Only Me: 62.5%


There wasn't much to like about the Canucks beating the Blackhawks in the first round of the playoffs, but one of those small graces is that the Oilers, with a very solid .500 record this season, have now retaken top spot in the NHL in terms of post-lockout playoff winning percentage. It turns out that Kevin Lowe is great at building teams for playoff-style hockey. Now if only he can get the team there more often...

The full chart and more observations after the jump.

First off, here's the chart (includes all of this year's games):


  • As I mentioned earlier, the Oilers are the top team in the whole league in terms of winning percentage. They're also tied for 16th (with the New Jersey Devils) in terms of playoff wins, which really isn't all that bad.
  • No team has played more games without winning at least one playoff series than the Calgary Flames. I'm liking this chart more and more!
  • Five teams have yet to win a playoff game since the lockout, and two have yet to make the playoffs at all. Oiler fans: things can always be worse.
  • The Detroit Red Wings have an eleven-win lead on their nearest competitor for most playoff wins. Even if they are about to get eliminated by the Sharks, they really do set the standard for excellence in this league.
  • The only team that can catch the Oilers this year (other than Detroit) is Boston, but they'd need to win the Cup and lose just two more games along the way, so it looks like top spot is pretty safe.

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