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Linus Omark's Most Common Linemates By Season Segment

RiversQ is a bright fellow who writes too infrequently at Irreverent Oil Fans and comments far too infrequently here.  When he does appear, he usually manages to come up with an insightful take on the topic du jour and last week was no different.

In the Linus Omark scoring chances article, he noticed how poor Omark's numbers were last season and asked:

"Any way to look at the splits in terms of common linemates by the chances?"

Below is a table showing Omark's two most common linemates in each of the six season segments in which Omark appeared.  The Chance% value is Omark's even strength scoring chance percentage in that segment with that linemate.  The % of Total value is the portion of Omark's total chances tallied with each linemate.

Segment Linemate Chance % % of Total Linemate Chance % % of Total
21-30 Ryan Jones 0.000 0.722 Ryan O`Marra 0.000 0.611
31-40 Ryan O`Marra 0.450 0.465 Magnus Paajarvi 0.438 0.372
41-50 Magnus Paajarvi 0.508 0.887 Sam Gagner 0.500 0.789
51-60 Magnus Paajarvi 0.446 0.903 Sam Gagner 0.415 0.855
61-70 Sam Gagner 0.259 0.540 Ryan Jones 0.176 0.340
71-82 Magnus Paajarvi 0.603 0.617 Andrew Cogliano 0.592 0.521


We know from the chances article that Omark and Paajarvi were one chance shy of even for the season, so their combined numbers aren't a surprise.  We know that Omark and Ryan Jones were 10 CF and 35 CA, so their numbers aren't a surprise

Compare the segment totals to the graph below.