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Swedish Media Take on Reddox Signing

Continuing with the week of Liam Reddox here at Copper & Blue, friend to Copper & Blue Lance McFadzen has been so kind as to provide a translation of the original story breaking the Reddox signing. Once again a Swedish newspaper broke the story first due to time zones, it's not a North American conspiracy. Google translate rarely does hockey stories justice, so it is such a treat to have some Swedish reading and speaking Oiler fans out there.

Derek has presented the Reddox signing, then Reddox's scoring chances for the season, and Scott has speculated what this signing will mean to the Oilers and Bruce has taken a look at Reddox's year with the Cult of Hockey. Ultimately Reddox not re-signing with the Oilers appears to have more of an impact with the Oklahoma City Barons than it does the Edmonton Oilers. Reddox has clearly been passed by other youth, and younger players in general, on the team and would likely have played in the AHL unless there was a reason for him to be called up, i.e. injury.

Växjö's NHL recruit the 5th transatlantic player

Linus Omark's former linemate cleared for new member of SEL.

Växjö has recruited Linus Omark's  Edmonton linemate liam Reddox, 25. With that, the newly promoted Växjö now has five transatlantic players on the team.

Liam is going to score a lot of points, but above all he's going to be a spark plug for the team, said GM Henrik Evertsson.

Newly promoted Växjö is continuing to recruit North Americans.

Latest in this trend is Reddox, with exactly 100 NHL games to his credit. The 25 year old has signed a one year deal.

He's a good skater, and works like a horse, but he also has offensive talent and technique.  We were impressed by his drive during games, said GM Evertsson during the press conference. Liam is going to score a lot of points, but above all he's going to be a spark plug for the team.


Reddox was linemates with Omark this previous season, in both Edmonton and on the farm with the Oklahoma City Barons. Furthermore, he was teammates with the former Skellefteå player Brad Moran, who also signed with Växjö one month earlier.

It's good that he has NHL experience, but that's not going to make him some kind of saviour for us. It's important to point that out. He couldn't quite solidify an NHL roster spot for himself and he saw this as a fresh start, said Evertsson.


The Canadian scored 10 points in 44 NHL games with 33 points in 37 AHL games the previous season.

In adition to Reddox and Moran, Växjö has signed transatlantic travellers Josh Suares, Steve Saviano and Dan Spang, the three of whom all have Italian citizenship and will therefore count as European players.


It is good that the author of this article, Jonathan Ekeliw, is letting his readers know that Reddox couldn't secure a spot on the Oilers roster without the injury bug. No one likes too much disappointment, and as difficult for English speaking hockey fans to read about Swedish players or hockey it's just as hard for Swedish fans to try to get information from English articles.

This artlicle does also make me wish I could follow Linus Omark around for a day in Sweden. From everything I read and hear, he is a hockey god of some sort in Sweden. It might explain why Magnus Paajarvi says that he's a weird guy so often.