Number That May Interest Only Me, Adam Larsson Edition:  18:44


In Lou We Trust has been generating high-quality content for awhile now. John Fischer and Tom Stivali are great writers who generate interesting ideas and top-quality research. Starting sometime in January, the fellows at ILWT began focusing on the 2011 NHL Entry Draft and have produced some excellent articles about the 2011 class. One such article that caught my eye was this comparison of Adam Larsson's time on ice with his Skelleftea teammates. From that article:

...when you compare Larsson's performance in the past two seasons when he was 16/17 to Rundblad and Erixon you can see how advanced defensively he seems to be. At age 16 Larsson was on the ice for roughly 17 minutes a game in the regular season/playoffs. Rundblad/Erixon didn't get those type of minutes until they were both 18 years old. This year at age 17 Larsson was playing almost 23 minutes per playoff game (for a team that went to the finals). Rundblad/Erixon also played a similar amount of age 19.

Last year, as a 16-year-old, Larsson averaged 17:35 per night. During this year's Eliteserien regular season, Larsson's average TOI was 18:44 and that increased to 22:46 in the playoffs, second on the team behind Tim Erixon. I encourage you to read through Stivali's work - it shows just how far ahead of two stud defensive prospects Larsson is right now. Larsson remains my choice for the Oilers at #1.

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