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Kings v. Ducks - Wisdom of Solomon 4:19-20

Let the Ducks become dishonored corpses, dismissed in four straight games by a superior opponent. Let the other teams eliminated in the first round point and laugh at their demise. Let them have no answer for their fans, and may it be that their best players would be the cause of their disaster, shaking the team to its foundations. Let their finish be so memorable that any positive happenings would be overshadowed and quickly forgotten. When they return next spring, let their performance now haunt them.


After a loss last night, the Kings are in an interesting spot. Another loss tonight and the team might finish as low as eighth in the Western Conference, but with a win, they could finish as high as fourth. For the Oilers, that means a substantial change in the valuation of their draft pick should the Kings go out in the first round. The game time tonight is 8:30, and you can of course follow it live at Jewels from the Crown.