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Kings v. Ducks - Wisdom of Solomon 4:16-18

The righteous men who have been injured will condemn the Ungodly One who may be declared the very best all, and all of those who skate alongside him will be cursed as well. A righteous youth whose perfection came quickly will be the means of this condemnation. He will see that the Ungodly One and his ungodly team is eliminated early, for that is the Lord's purpose for them; but the Kings he has decided to protect. Others will watch these games and will scoff at a team missing its leaders, but the Lord will have the last laugh when the Kings roll on to victory.


The Kings are in good shape with only two games left, both against the Ducks. If they can finish in fourth or fifth, the odds of winning their first round series go way up. Great news for the Kings, but bad news for the Oilers, since that would mean the pick they acquired at the trade deadline would be 23rd overall or worse. The game tonight starts at 8:00, and Jewels from the Crown should have a live GDT.