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Oilers vs. Canucks, Canucks, Flames Scoring Chances

Whether it was exhaustion, youthful inconsistency, finally playing to their true talent level, or a big letdown after two of the more thrilling wins of the season, the AHL-led Oilers were pasted in Calgary.  Thanks to Dennis King at Mc79hockey, we can dive deeper into the three games to see the first two games weren't flukey wins and the last one wasn't an unlucky blowout.  The Oilers beat the Canucks at even strength on the scoring chances tote board in game one, 18-9.  In the second game against the Canucks, the Oilers won the even strength chances battle 14-12.  In the game against the Flames, the Oilers lost 9-21 at even strength.

After the jump, a look at the head-to-head matchups.

Click on each matrix to enlarge for easier viewing.

Game 21173 @ Vancouver Canucks


  • The line of Teemu Hartikainen - Andrew Cogliano - Linus Omark was brilliant, holding their own against the Sedins and drilling Ryan Kesler.  They took special advantage of defenseman Yann Sauve.
  • Magnus Paajarvi was also outstanding, teeming with Chris Vande Velde to beat every Canucks line and the duo drilled the Canucks when Alex Burrows was on the ice.
  • Jeff Petry has been outstanding by the scoring chances totals all year long, but against the Canucks, he and Jim Vandermeer teamed up to take it to the top two and each pairing.

Game 21192 vs. Vancouver Canucks


  • Paajarvi and VandeVelde gave the Oilers more of the same in the second game but Cogliano's line was slowed. 

Game 21198 @ Calgary Flames


  • Ouch
  • There's not much to say here.  This game was complete and total domination.