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Kings v. Coyotes - Susanna 60-62

After the Kings victory the whole assembly raised up and gave a great shout and blessed God who saves those who hope in him. They then took action on the two men who were injured, those who had been hurt in games leading up to the playoffs. They laid hands on them and healed them so that they would be ready to play for the start of the second round. Thus, innocent men were spared the indignity of playing an entire seasons, and earning a spot in the playoffs but needing to forgo the privilege of actually playing.


The Kings can clinch a spot in the playoffs and move into fourth place in the Conference with a win tonight. The top three seeds in the West are quite a bit better than those in the bottom five (with the exception of Chicago) so finishing fourth or fifth in the Conference is pretty darn important. Chances for the last few Kings' games will start being posted tomorrow. Tonight's game starts at 8:30, and I'll likely be around to watch the conclusion.