Fact That May Interest Only Me: Logan Couture

Logan Couture has now appeared in 20 playoff games as a member of the San Jose Sharks. I've tracked scoring chances for each one of those games, beginning in with the 2010 playoff run against the Colorado Avalanche, Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks. I've tracked all five games against the Los Angeles Kings this year. After completing the writeup for game 4, I noticed that Couture posted 0 CF and 6 CA. After posting a -6 in game 4, Couture came back in game 5 and posted 7 CF 2 CA, for a +5, bringing his series total to 24 CF 17 CA.

I went back through my reports from last year and realized that game 4 was the first time Couture lost the chances battle in any of his playoff appearances. Couture was even in a number of games, however he was never in the red, even when the Sharks were swept by the Blackhawks last year. Not until his 19th playoff game did Couture lose the battle at even strength. It's an extremely small sample size to be sure, but it's nonetheless remarkable that a rookie has performed the way Logan Couture has.