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Kings v. Stars - 2 Maccabees 1:24-29

And this was Penner's prayer: "O Yahweh, our God, Creator of both good teams and bad, you are strong and you are kind and you are merciful. You alone are just, almighty, and eternal, and so you must rescue us from the evil that would be the Stars making the playoffs. You have taken delight in destroying your once chosen team this year, and have raised up a remnant in Los Angeles; so accept the Oilers as a sacrifice on behalf of all people who hate the Stars, and make sure that the playoffs remain a holy place reserved for teams that are actually good. Then gather together all those now with me in California, a team rejected and despised because of its injuries, and show them that you are God. Punish those who will try to oppress us by keeping us out of the playoffs. Instead, plant this people firmly in your holy post-season so that we might win the Cup just as it has been promised to Los Angeles since the time of The Great One.


The game starts at 2:00 today, but I won't be watching it live. Jewels from the Crown will no doubt have a GDT, and I'll have chances up for the last few games in the next couple of days.