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This Is Vancouver Canucks Hockey

Cobbling together a collection of video clips that fully captures the essence of Vancouver Canucks hockey was difficult - but only because there is just so much source material to work with.  However, the selected videos displayed here highlight the true meaning of Canucks hockey and the type of play the Vancouver Canucks have become known for - and they feature only one player.  The team may employ some talented players, but the tactics, dirty players and divers heavily outweighs the talent.  In fact, the tactics employed by the Canucks are enough to make Peter Forsberg blush.

But it's not the diving that makes these Canucks particularly loathsome, though that would be enough on it's own.  It's the hair-pulling, the spearing, the cross-checks to the face - the dangerous plays made with no other intent but to injure someone that have no place in hockey.  That it keeps happening speaks volumes about coach Alain Vigneault and the Canucks in general.