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Kings v. Red Wings - Bel and the Dragon 23-27

There was a great dragon that all of the Kings feared greatly. "Look!" said Murray to Penner, "The Red Wings' run of success never ends; they are like a Great Dragon, so how can we do anything but stand in awe of their accomplishments!" But Penner replied, "Coach, give me permission, and I will lead you to victory over this 'unbeatable' team." So Murray gave Penner permission. Penner then took some dough, and some Sour Patch Kids, and he baked them into donuts. He took this creation to the Red Wings and ate with them. When the game began, Penner was fine, accustomed to this fine delicacy, but the Red Wings were sluggish, and the Kings prevailed. Then Penner said, "This is the 'Great Dragon' you feared? Look how easily I have defeated them!"