Quote That May Only Interest Me - Taylor Fedun

"It’s allowed me to work with two close friends to design a one-man personal hovercraft."

--Taylor Fedun on his thesis, a group project in which he helped to design a hovercraft.

Fedun majored in mechanical and aerospace engineering was named Academic All-Ivy League during his time at Princeton. During the Vancouver Canucks Development Camp, he told reporters he builds robots in his spare time.

The signing isn't a surprise, as the Oilers' scouting department has made a habit of drafting intelligent players since the lockout:

The Oilers draft strategy under Kevin Lowe's regime was oft-criticized as being all over the place with questionable decisions throughout his tenure. However, Lowe's drafts have produced and in the later years of his time as the man pulling the trigger, he tended towards players of above-average intelligence.

The question posed at the time:

All of this discussion of intelligence raises some questions: In his first draft, will Steve Tambellini continue the recent trend of bringing intelligent kids into the system? has an answer.

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