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Kings v. Canucks - Wisdom of Solomon 3:10-13

The ungodly Canucks will be deservedly punished;
they disregard the one true God,
and mock both his chosen and backup teams without mercy.
They despise all wisdom and instruction,
and refuse to listen to reason
when it comes to just how revolting their team really is.
Their hope for a Cup will be in vain,
and their cheers will be quickly forgotten,
when they go down to defeat in the very first round.
The women who cheer for this team are whoring fools,
and the children are forever accursed.


In case it got buried by being in the last GDT, I thought I might republish the scoring chance results from the first twelve games here, but be aware that this doesn't include the results from the Kings' last game against the Oilers.


As for today's game, I won't be watching live because I live in Vancouver and GameCenter has a local blackout policy. Dammit. Not so bad though because that time will now be used for playing floor hockey instead. Should be fun! For those interested in a live GDT, head on over to Jewels from the Crown.