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Kings v. Coyotes - Susanna 1-6

There was a man living in Edmonton whose name was Dustin. He married the former wife of Richard, named Jessica, a very beautiful woman who feared God and loved her new city. Her parents were righteous, and had trained their daughter to grow in the ways of God, and so after a brief period of rebellion, she settled on a good Mennonite boy from Winkler. It didn't hurt that Dustin was very rich, a wonderful home, and many friends. After they were married, it was clear that Dustin and his family were loved by all.

But shortly after the wedding the two elders from the people who were appointed as managers started looking at Dustin differently. "Wickedness is rising in Edmonton; it comes from men who are supposed to be stewards, supposed to be taking care of the people," Yahweh observed. But they were not taking care of the people; these men started talking about Dustin to other managers around the league, and everyone knew the great man could be had for a song.