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Kings v. Avalanche - Wisdom of Solomon 16:20-23

The Most High God could have punished this people, but instead delivered manna from heaven in the form of The Great One who provided records and playoff glory. Everyone who saw him rejoiced at his talent, and a game that no one liked was suddenly appealing to all. Snow and ice was cooled to withstand the California sun, a sign that this game was truly a place of wonder. Enemies of every kind were turned away, and yet today with The Great One gone, just one promise remains unfulfilled and awaits his return.


The game starts at 2:00 and I may be a bit late, but I'll definitely be around for most of this one live, and I'm excited to be watch the Kings get the best of someone by scoring chances this afternoon. That's been a rare event, but the Avalanche are terrible, so it shouldn't be much of an issue today. Chances for the game between the Kings and Flames will be up later today, and the game against the Sharks should be up soon too. I'll do a recap of all of the chances logged so far before the Kings' next game against the Oilers on Tuesday.