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Kings v. Sharks - 2 Maccabees 5:11-14

When news of the Kings' uprising had reached the Sharks, they realized that the Pacific division was in revolt. Enraged, they took one look at the Kings and decided to attack. The coaches told their players to show almost no mercy to anyone in a purple jersey, and to completely destroy those wearing the hideous black alternates. And so there was a massacre, both young players and old were thoroughly embarrassed, and every fan - whether man, woman, or child - felt greatly ashamed. In just two games at the end of the season, the Sharks demolished the Kings, and ruined any hopes they had of usurping the Pacific division crown.


Okay. So I didn't quite have the time to get the Anaheim game up, but it's logged already, so that should be out shortly. I'll be around to watch this one live, so we might even be caught up on the scoring chances by Saturday!