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Kings v. Flames - Wisdom of Solomon 12:1-2

Yahweh's immortal Spirit is in all people.
And so you correct little by little
those who consider cheering for the Flames noble.
You remind them that this is a heinous sin,
a departure from all that is just and true.
You give them a chance to free themselves
by admitting their wrongdoing,
so that they may put their trust in you.


As is (apparently) my custom, I won't be around for the game tonight, but Jewels from the Crown will have a live GDT and I'll post my observations in this thread when I get around to watching the game, which will be sometime after I get around to finishing the Nashville game and the Kings' last game against Anaheim. Right... so I'm a little behind on getting these scoring chances counted! Maybe I'll blame it on being disheartened on their performance against the Blues... anyroad, the upcoming two-day break in the Kings schedule should help to rectify the situation.