Quote That May Only Interest Me - Jeremie Blain

From a pre-draft video interview by his agency:

Alyonka Larionov: "Which player would you say you grew up admiring and adjusting your game to be that type of player?"

Jeremie Blain: "...I've been watching Kris Letang from the Pittsburgh Penguins. I like how he plays."

It's a tall order to play like Kris Letang, the man I've got as the leader for the Norris coming down the stretch, but striving to play like Kris Letang is a great ideal for a young, mobile defenseman with size and if the Oilers can get 75% of Kris Letang out of Blain, they'll be overjoyed. Blain has played some remarkable hockey for Acadie-Bathurst since returning from injury. I'll have more on that later today as well as a couple of other Blain-focused articles in the near future.

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