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Kings v. Ducks - 4 Maccabees 8:1-2

Even the youngest among us, by following a philosophy of reason, can prevail over the most tortuous games. For if we resist the temptation to quit on our team when they muster just six shots through two periods, recognizing that it is such a small sample, our enemies will no doubt try to bring an even more trying game, but if our team really is filled with talent, and we are never convinced to jeer our goaltenders, or send our team to the dressing room with a chorus of boos, then even in the times when the team is down, they will be able draw on our faithfulness; even if they lose again, our faithfulness will be proof that ultimate victory is assured.

I won't be around for the game tonight, but Jewels from the Crown will have a live GDT and I'll post my observations in this thread when I get around to watching the game.