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Kings v. Predators - Judith 11:5-8

So Smyth came up to coach Murray and said, "Accept the words of your humble servant for I will speak nothing but the truth. If you listen to my words, God will help us, and all of your personal goals will be achieved. Lombardi who hired you and gave you power over all of us will rejoice! You will even have power over the men from other teams; the Predators, Coyotes, and Sharks will all be tamed, and will bow down before you awed by your great strategy. If you will only return me to my rightful spot on the power play, men from all the nations will hear of your wisdom and skill, and it will be reported across the world that you are the best of all coaches, the most informed and most impressive when it comes to hockey strategy."


I won't be around for the game tonight (again), so if you're looking for a live GDT, I'll refer you to Jewels from the Crown and post my observations in this thread when I get around to watching the game.