Number That May Interest Only Me:  -12.1


-12.1 is Ryan Jones' relative Corsi value so far this season. Jones ranks last on the Oilers in this possession metric, barely trailing Colin Fraser and trailing Zack Stortini by a wide measure. Thus far in 2010-2011, 345 forwards have played 60 games or more. Ryan Jones' relative Corsi ranks 305th. Of the 40 forwards ranked behind him, 11 of them are goons. Of the remaining 29 forwards, three have a negative zone shift like Jones.

In yesterday's scoring chances update, we saw how Jones ranks last in chances differential per 15 minutes of even strength time on ice. Last night's -4 in 18 minutes of ice time isn't going to improve that. Jones is last on the Oilers in chances for. He has a legitimate chance to finish the season having given up twice the scoring chances created while he's been on the ice.

Rob Tychkowski tweeted that Jones turned down a contract extension, which is shocking in it's own right. Jones is a fringe NHL player riding a hot streak. If his agent was smart, he'd take nearly any deal that comes his way.

Given the above numbers, Steve Tambellini should stick to his guns and allow Jones to walk. He can be replaced through free agency or through a call to the Barons. I've asked him to stick to his guns previously, and we all know how that turned out.

I'll have more on Jones in the coming days.

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